Bidvine: An effective way to get the job done

Bidvine: An effective way to get the job done

I’m all about getting the most out of your money and stretching your finances. For me, it’s important to have an emergency fund to one side so that when something does go wrong, we’re not scrabbling round trying to figure out how we’re going to fix it. When big things do break down, sometimes it’s important to get the job done properly first time round. This means you’ll inevitably need to call out the professionals from time to time. This is where the Bidvine site really comes in handy!

Bidvine: An effective way to get the job done.

Bidvine is a site designed to take away the hassle and the stress of looking for all kinds of services in your local area.

Whenever anything goes wrong, I know from experience that it can be an absolute nightmare trying to source the right tradesman. We’re “accidental landlords” and live 40 miles away from the property. When the tenant contacts us with an issue, we need to be able to find the right person for the job and fast. We can’t afford to have a bodge job, we need the problem fixing with the least amount of disruption for the tenant. Bidvine is great for this. It makes it so easy to source somebody with the skills to do the job properly first time round.

How Bidvine works.

Bidvine enables you to connect with all manner of professionals. From acupuncture to boiler repair, horse riding lessons to bathroom tiling, whatever you’re looking for you can find on Bidvine!

You’ll need to answer a few questions in order for the professionals to establish whether they’re a good fit for your requirements. Bidvine will then forward your request to relevant pros. They’ll pass on your phone number if you allow it, but they’ll never share your email address. Any messages you receive will arrive via the Bidvine internal messaging system. Then, you just sit back and wait for the responses to arrive.

Your responses are sent out to professionals immediately and you will normally get your first response within a couple of hours.

Bidvine mobile

Professionals pay a small fee to use the Bidvine platform. This gives you a little peace of mind in the knowledge that only those people who are really committed to their trade/profession will respond.

Final Thoughts

I really love the whole ethos behind the Bidvine site and it works incredibly well. Time is money as the old saying goes and it’s important to get the most out of the precious time we have. With Bidvine there’s no need to waste precious time scouring the local ads or searching thousands of sites online, it’s all there in one handy package.


This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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