Boost your Income with Surveys from Prolific!

Boost your Income with Surveys from Prolific!

Surveys can be a great way to build up an extra income online, but let’s face it, lots of survey sites are slow burners. It can take a looooong time to earn any kind of decent cash and even longer to build up to the minimum cashout level. Prolific surveys are different. Prolific pay really well and it doesn’t take long to build your pot of cash.

High Paying Surveys

Prolific pay really well compared to many of the other survey sites out there.

These are just three of the surveys I’ve completed recently. It didn’t take me long to cash out just over £20!

How does it work?

Prolific Academic is world’s largest crowdsourcing community of people who love science. Researchers post studies and recruit the right participants fast. Participants earn rewards while helping to advance human knowledge.

Researchers post their studies and specify their budget. Each study has a limited number of spaces which means they go fast! Once the spaces are full, the survey is no longer available and you’ve missed the boat.

Once you’ve completed a study, the researcher will need to approve it before the fee is released to your account. This usually happens pretty quickly, some have been approved within minutes for me.

Boost your chances

With the surveys filling up so quickly, you need to do all you can to maximise your chances of getting in there.

Make sure you’ve answered all of the pre-screening questions. This ensures that you’re selected for studies that you’re eligible to complete.

The best thing I’ve done is to download the Chrome Extension. It’s called Prolific Assistant.

The chrome extension runs constantly in the background and plays an announcement if there is a study available. You’ll get a pop-up on your screen as well as a little voice telling you there’s a prolific study available. The pop-up will tell you how long the study is likely to take as well as how much you’ll be paid.

Read all of the questions properly. I’m ashamed to say that I skim-read one and it was one of those trick ones trying to catch you out, it caught me! Since then, I’ve been sure to read the questions carefully before answering.

Cashing Out

You can cash out as soon as you hit £5, however you will pay fees. If you wait until you hit £20, you can cash out without paying any fees via the Circle app. Circle is similar to paypal, and if you haven’t used it before, you can make some extra cash when you download the app, find out more about that here!

Give prolific a try here!

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