Cashback sites offer you money back on your online purchases. Usually, all you need to do is to access the site you plan to buy from via the link on the cashback site. The site tracks your click and your purchases and then you are awarded your cashback.

Often, the cashback amount will be a percentage of your purchase. For example, I purchased a Playstation game for my son earlier this morning and I’ve earned 5.1% cashback. Sometimes though the sites do offer a set amount.

It’s worth signing up to a few cashback sites and checking them all out each time you make a purchase online. It may sound like a faff, but once you’ve signed up it’s just a case of finding what you want online then searching for the retailer on the cashback sites. It’s worth that extra minute or so when you think you’ll receive hard cash for your efforts.

TopCashback have some incredible deals on at the moment. £10 back on purchase at Toys ‘R’ Us, up to £88 cashback with Vodafone and 10% cashback on eBay purchases!

Quidco have got some great offers on at the moment in the run up to Christmas. They’re offering up to 13.2% cashback at Very and up to 23.1% cashback at The Works! I’ve earned £86.94 through Quidco this year. It would have been a lot more if I always remember to use them when I shop online! You can even earn cashback on your food shop, Asda & Tesco are offering up to £6.05 at the moment.

Details of more cashback sites to come soon…