Cashing out from survey sites

Cashing out from survey sites

Surveys are by no means my biggest earner. They’re something I plod through on a daily basis, gradually building up to the point where I can cash out. I don’t mind doing surveys in the evenings, curled up on the sofa in front of the TV. Sometimes they can feel a little slow to get through, but they are definitely worth doing.

I’ve been hovering at £39.90 for a week or so with Onepoll and the surveys have stopped appearing. I was getting at least five every day until that point. Cashout is available at £40 so I was beginning to think this delay was deliberate. To be honest, I still do think that. However, last night when I logged in, the extra 10p had been credited to my account and I was able to cashout! I think that in fairness to Onepoll, they must check over accounts as they approach the £40 mark to ensure that surveys are answered honestly and answers are consistent. This is one thing I’d definitely bear in mind, when doing surveys your answers WILL be checked for consistency. So, for example, don’t say you’ve got a baby just to qualify for a survey about baby products if all your children are in their teens. You will be found out and it’s not worth losing these accounts.

I’ve recently been accepted another kind of review site which I’ll be trialing over the next few weeks before writing about it. The payments are pretty good by the sounds of it so it seems promising at first glance.

Don’t give up with surveys, it can feel really slow going at times. But it’s definitely worth keeping going. I’d also say, don’t leave your points or your cash in survey sites. As soon as you hit the redemption threshold take your money out, just in case there are any issues with the site. I’ve never had any problems but I’d always err on the site of caution.

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