Why I don’t think MSE should be promoting MLM

Why I don’t think MSE should be promoting MLM

I wrote a while ago about my personal experience with MLM (multi-level marketing). It wasn’t pretty! Now I’m all for boosting your income and making extra cash, but trust me, MLM is not the way to do this. This is why I was so shocked to see that Money Saving Expert, a site I’ve known and trusted for many years, are suggesting that a few of these MLM companies are a way to make extra cash!

What’s the big problem?

My issue is, thousands and thousands of people turn to Money Saving Expert to get advice on how to make money. Myself included. I’ve used Money Saving Expert for years. Because they’re such a household name, people trust everything they say implicitly, no questions asked.

The trouble with MLM companies is that they prey on those in need. This might sound harsh, but it’s true. They make themselves sound like the answer to your prayers when you’re desperate to earn some extra cash. They advertise no set-up costs when what they actually mean is that your first invoice will have a debit amount on it which will be deducted from your sales (if you make any). They charge administration fees, delivery fees and charge you for books too. YOU ARE OUT OF POCKET BEFORE YOU’VE EVEN STARTED WITH NO GUARANTEE OF MAKING ANY CASH. This isn’t how a real job should be. It’s ludicrous!

Why am I so annoyed?

In this particular article, Money Saving Expert have listed 70 ways to earn extra cash. In actual fact, there are at least four MLM companies listed on there that would more than likely lose you cash, quickly. This isn’t what MSE should be about. And I’m saddened that this article is still live.

Now I can’t personally speak for the other MLM companies listed on there, so I’ll focus on what I do know – AVON.

Here’s what MSE reckon about Avon:

How much? Your earnings depend on how many products you shift, but dedicated Avon ladies can earn £100/month, and some earn far more. Of course, many earn less than this, and, if you don’t sell anything, you could run at a loss. So don’t do this unless you’re confident you’ll flog some stuff, and are comfortable selling to friends and family.

You’ll earn roughly £1 for every £4 of products sold. You can also become a sales leader, building up your own team and earning extra money through the team’s sales. (https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/make-money)

I was sucked in by the sales leadership scheme. It cost me a fortune in books, petrol, fees and nearly broke me as a person too. It is an awful job to take on. I ended up in really awful places with people who’d just got out of prison and needed money, drug addicts looking for a quick way to make cash, young mums desperate to earn money any way they could. Honestly, these are the places I went and the people I tried to “recruit”. I would not wish this on my worst enemy – DON’T DO IT!

MLM is not a great way to boost your income!

In all fairness, I can see that MSE have stuck a warning in about making a loss unless you’re 100% certain you can hit the sales targets. But how the hell can you be 100% certain you’ll hit them?! By badgering your family and friends until they give in and buy something they neither want nor need? Not the way to go about it!

So how can you make extra cash?

There are so many ways you can boost your income before Christmas. If you haven’t already, then I really recommend signing up for Emma Drew’s


Emma Drew is a fantastic money-making blogger who I’ve followed for the last few years. It was Emma that initially questioned the moral implications of MSE included MLM in their post and Emma offers some fantastic alternatives in this challenge. It’s now live and you can join in via the link above.

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