January So Far

January So Far

January for me is a traditionally miserable month. I think I can blame my Mum for that! She hates the month of January with a passion and she seems to hate it more and more each year. Let’s be honest, there are numerous reasons why January is a tough month to get through!

I’ve put together the main reasons for our grumpiness this month and added a few solutions to ease the pain!

Everybody is skint!

Christmas is expensive. Most of us got paid early in December and overspent at Christmas, we can survive on beans on toast in January right?! We’ve been in this situation in numerous years in the past and it can be pretty miserable. The weather is crap, you can’t afford to do anything, it’s just a grim time of year! I now budget throughout the year and add savings to a Christmas fund so that we don’t get in this situation. I highly recommend it for everyone. It just takes the financial stress away and means Christmas is paid for without you having to scramble around to find the funds. I’ve written a little more about this here – http://mymoneycottage.com/saving-for-christmas/.

January is also a great time to up your online activities to boost your income. If you’re anything like us at the moment, you spend your evenings snuggled up under a blanket waiting for the lighter evenings! This is the time that I do most of my online earning, when the children are in bed, hubby is watching the TV and I’ve got a couple of quiet hours. My first port of call is always Matched Betting, if you haven’t already given this a try then you definitely should! I’m a member of a help group that shows you how to regularly make £300-£1,000 every month! You can make an easy £1,000 when you first sign up within your first few weeks. It’s THE BEST thing I’ve every discovered online. Give it a free try here – Matched Betting. On top of that, I’d recommend joining Swagbucks which is a great, regular earner for me. And of course there are all of the other ways to make money shared on My Money Cottage – Make Money.

The weather is crap!

There’s not a lot anyone can do about this sadly! We’ve had a mixed bag of weather here throughout January so far! I try to make the most of the cold and frosty days by getting everybody wrapped up warm and getting out into the fresh air. It’s really good for the soul and definitely helps to lift our mood!

On the rainy days we get the games out, watch a feel-good film, crack on with jobs around the house and just try to keep busy. Sitting around moping is when the low mood can take over!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to keep yourselves occupied.


  1. Rachel Craig
    January 24, 2017 / 4:21 pm

    I think a lot of people find January difficult at times, particularly financially :- Which impacts on many other aspects of life. As you say many may spend quite a bit on Christmas, New Year can also be a time when we spend money attending an event and / or being prepared for visitors, family, friends etc. Some people make sure they are up to date with bills etc, as do not want to go into a New Year with debt.

    Then bills begin to arrive when as you say little or no finances due to them being used up, and those in employment awaiting salary. Means making do in regards to food, yet maybe being in the mood for comfort food as it is winter. Also not keen on using heating, as feeling poor financially, yet needing heat for health, mobility within the home etc. Is it any wonder that there is an increase in mortality and morbidity, hospital admissions etc in the Winter months.

    You state there are ways of preparing financially for such a time. That may be true for the financially healthy who are in stable, secure, regular sufficiently paid employment. What about the poor, those on a fixed income (pension) etc? Those people / individuals sadly seem to be at risk of suffering ill health etc which impacts on NHS (National Health Service) and Social Care. Whilst some Rich Benefit from having invested in property and renting that property out. They receive Income, save in regards to Council Tax, as pay a reduced rate for all properties bar one which they own. Maybe if they or their tenants paid full council taxes for the services used :- Then Social Care could be improved for those who are in need now.

    • January 24, 2017 / 5:45 pm

      Yes, sadly there will always be people who struggle regardless, that’s why My Money Cottage offer suggestions on how to make extra money, to help people who need it! As an aside, landlords no longer receive reductions in council tax, at least not in the majority of councils. Landlords are now liable for 100% of the council tax whilst their properties are empty, the tenant may receive a discount though. (Edited to add that I see you’re in Scotland, in which case I think the rules on rental properties are slightly different to England.)

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