Make Guaranteed Cash with the Circle App

Make Guaranteed Cash with the Circle App

I’m a sucker for making easy money. Anything that involves as little brain ache as possible is always a winner with me. I was recently told that I could make cash via an app that I was already using for withdrawing any cash winnings I’d received from playing the Snatch game.

The Circle app works in a similar way to Paypal. You link your bank account up and you can easily send payments to people on your phone contacts list. I’ve used the app for quite a while so I know it and trust it.

How you can make a guaranteed MINIMUM of £5.50.

So the app is a great way to send and receive money via your mobile, but how can you make any money?

Firstly, Circle are currently running a competition where you are guaranteed to win a cash prize. Cash prizes range from £0.50 up to £50! I won £2.88 when I entered last week.

Entry is simple. All you need to do is download the app via this linklink up your bank account, and then enter the competition here. You’ll instantly see how much you’ve won and the cash will be added to your Circle balance. Simple!

As well as this, if you use the app to send a payment of £25, you’ll receive £5 straight into your balance! I roped my brother into signing up, we sent £25 to each other and we both got £5 back!

So there you have it!

How to make more money from Circle.

Send your link round to your family and friends, for every person that signs up and does the above, you’ll receive £5. Nice little money-spinner!


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Make Guaranteed Cash with the Circle App

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