Making Money with Risk-Free Matched Betting

Making Money with Risk-Free Matched Betting

Here on My Money Cottage, we often talk about Matched Betting. We make no apologies for that though as it really is  THE MOST PROFITABLE WAY to make money online that exists in the UK at the moment. It’s so good, we’ve dedicated a whole section of the website to it –

Initially, it’s easy to be put off Matched Betting, I know I was very sceptical for many months so I do understand this.

Is Matched Betting just gambling?

You may be worried that you’re gambling away your hard earned cash. You’re not! Matched Betting is a method used to GUARANTEE you a profit from bookmaker offers. The bookies regularly give out free bets and by following the instructions on the fantastic dedicated Matched Betting site, and using their simple yet very clever calculators, you cannot go wrong! Every single offer will make you money, risk-free, no gambling involved.

Never placed a bet before?

Don’t worry about it, neither had I! Now I can place them quickly and confidently. I would still never walk in a bookies but the fact that all of the Matched Betting takes place online means I’m now confident about putting a bet on and laying it off knowing I’m making myself and my family money.

These things are always a scam.

This was a major worry for me initially. All of these sites you stumble across online that make out you can make a ton of cash are scams. 99% of the time they are. However, Matched Betting is so widely discussed online now that you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re not walking into anything dodgy. In fact, The Guardian wrote an article about it too!

The site I use religiously for all of my Matched Betting offer a free trial which talks you through the first two offers without you paying out a penny. You’re guaranteed to make around £45 from these two offers. There are videos to show you every step and the support team are amazing. You can email in, phone up or ask on the forum, it really is a fantastic service and is THE BIGGEST MATCHED BETTING service online.

So, all in all I’d say give it a whirl! It’s risk-free and will make you some money!

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