Matched Betting – Making Money after the Gubbings

Matched Betting – Making Money after the Gubbings

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Those of us who Matched Bet to make extra cash will be well aware of the fear of being “gubbed”. But for those just starting out I’ll give a brief explanation!

Being “gubbed” means having your bookie accounts restricted. You may find that you can only place low stakes bets or that your account is completely restricted from receiving any promotions at all.

This is inevitably a worry when you’re relying on free bet promotions to make a profit.

However, there are ways to keep your accounts in good shape in order to try to prevent gubbings from happening in the first place. There are dedicated threads on the forum about this –

Even if you do start to see gubbings rolling in, it’s unlikely you’ll lose lots of accounts in one go. I’ve been Matched Betting for over two years and still have most of the big accounts. So it is possible to keep the bookies happy and carry on making money!

One Profit Accumulator member has received a total of 26 gubbings yet still manages to earn £1,000s in extra cash.

Inevitably, there will be new bookies appearing with new signups and new reloads you can do.

As well as this, you are unlikely to be restricted on the bookie’s casino section. There are often risk-free or very low-risk offers that have made me £100s in clear profit.

Latest risk-free casino win £275!

So it is still possible to make extra cash. You may need to adapt how you spend your time and which offers you attempt, but if you’re savvy and use the forum then there’s no  reason you can’t continue to earn good money from this.

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