Matched Betting

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Matched Betting is by far the biggest earner I’ve found online to date. It’s widely talked about online these days and has been featured in both The Guardian newspaper and Huffington Post. In case you haven’t heard of it though, I’ll provide a little insight.

Matched Betting is a completely risk-free way of profiting from offers made by online bookies. Most bookies are looking to entice new customers with offers of free bets. These are extremely lucrative when you know how to exploit them.

With Matched Betting, nothing is left to chance, we cover all outcomes and use a handy calculator to guarantee a profit regardless of the result.

I’ll admit that initially I had lots of reservations about starting Matched Betting. I was concerned it was risky, too difficult, gambling and just generally a bad idea. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I researched and researched online before tentatively giving it a go. In the end I joined Profit Accumulator. They offer a free trial which shows you how to complete two offers. These two offers alone made me £45 and I quickly realised that I really wasn’t taking any risks. As long as I took my time I couldn’t go wrong. The videos, instructions and online support from Profit Accumulator really are second to none.

I’ve been Matched Betting for over two years now and I’ve made some fantastic money doing it!

I’d highly recommend giving this a whirl as it’s so profitable. These guys also have a dedicated forum with over 20,000 members who help each other out. There are two really popular threads there too, how to make £300/month risk-free and how to make £1,000/month. These figures really are achievable without too much effort.

Previous month totals:
May – £1,147
June – £1,654
July – £1,214
August – £1,345
September – £1,049
October – £1,250
November – £1,269