Men’s Society Smooth Operator Shaving Kit Review & Giveaway

Men’s Society Smooth Operator Shaving Kit Review & Giveaway

Every now and then I like to treat the family & my husband, I think they deserve a treat once in a while! I was fortunate enough to be gifted with a Smooth Operator Shave Set from Men’s Society to give to my husband. He’s always complaining that he’s unable to get a decent shave so this was the perfect gift for me to give to him!

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Men’s Society Gifts

Men’s Society is a fab male gift company. Their products are tailored towards the modern man with a practical yet quirky edge.

They sell a whole range of funky men’s products including beard care kits, shaving kits, nifty bottle openers and loads more. As I’m married to a bald and beardless man who likes a clean shave, I chose the Smooth Operator Shave Set for my husband.

Smooth Operator Shave Set

The set was posted really quickly and arrived just a couple of days after ordering, just what you need if you’re always a last-minute gift orderer (which I hate to admit I am!). Men’s Society have a number of products that they class as “postbox friendly”, meaning they’ll fit through your postbox. Perfect if you’re not sure you’ll be home when your items are delivered. The Smooth Operator Shave Set is one of them.

It was packaged really well and the products arrived in this nifty tin. Hubby was really pleased, definite brownie points for moi!

Inside the tin there are three bottles, and five of those clever face towels that expand when you get them wet (hubby was really confused by these!). This really would make a great gift for someone going away on holiday, it doesn’t take up much room, looks the part and contains everything you need for a great shave.

Smooth Operator Shave Set

Each of the bottles is numbered, 1-3, so you know exactly which order to use them in. First, there’s a cleansing face wash to prepare the skin for the shave. Then, the main event, the shave oil, followed by a soothing post shave balm. I have to say, these products smell amazing. They have a real masculine, clean scent of lemon & thyme oil.

When inhaled, the scent of this duo has proven effects to lift the mood and reduce fatigue.

Men’s Society

I love the smell, hubby has used the set twice since it arrived and I can instantly tell when he walks in the room, it smells really fresh.

What the set contained:

Five step shaving guide.
Get the most out of the effective, natural products.

Cleansing Face Wash. 50ml.
Take the opportunity to freshen up and keep the look clean.

Soothing Shave Oil. 50ml.
Keep it smooth and close. Reduces irritation. Improves glide.

Post Shave Balm. 50ml.
Let’s make razor burn a thing of the past.

Hot cloth Face Towels.
Soothes the skin after you shave.


Cleansing Face Wash:
Aqua, Sodium  Laureth Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Choride, Cocamine Oxide, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Nitrate, Magnesium Chloride, Methylchoroisothliazolinome, Methylizothiazolinone, Citru kimon, Mentha piperata

Soothing Shave Oil: 
Citrus limon, thymus vulgaris, graveseed oil, vitamin E

Post Shave Balm:
citrus limon, thymus vulgaris, lotion.

No animal testing; no parabens; no silicones.

Smooth Operator Shave Set


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