Money Can’t Buy #4

It’s the fourth week of the Money Can’t Buy linky. Thank you to those of you taking part, it’s lovely to read your posts! Once again, I really believe it’s important to focus on the little things in life as these are often what make us happy.

Money Can’t Buy #4

This week saw the start of the loooong summer holidays for us. It’s a time I’ve been both looking forward and dreading in equal measure. As a work-from-home Mum with three children it’s a challenge when they’re all home and I’ve got a pile of work to get through. I’m taking some time off later this week and in the middle of August but mostly we’re muddling through.

I’m very lucky in that the children understand I need to work and for the most part they’re pretty good. I suffer with terrible guilt though when the older two are stuck glued to screens for a couple of hours whilst I plod on. Little Man usually runs his cars round the floor and he’s pretty happy.

I’ve been making a point of getting out every afternoon no matter what the weather and I think this has made a massive difference to the children. I’ve felt it important to get out and do things but haven’t wanted to spend a fortune as we’ve got some days out and a weekend away coming up.

On Wednesday afternoon, I bit the bullet and did something I’ve never been brave enough to do until now! It may seem like only a little something but anyone with three kids or more may relate! I took them swimming ON MY OWN. Now, to be fair, I’ve only recently realised I was able to do this as I thought we’d need two adults for three children. Turns out though that from 8 and up they don’t need an adult with them at all! Seems pretty young to me to be letting a child swim unattended but it meant I could take my 10, 8 and 2 year olds in without a problem.

Swimming with kids can be stressful. It’s busy, you’ve got to try to cram everyone’s stuff into a stupidly small locker, then get them all in the water without anyone falling over! The actual swimming bit is fine! Then we all come out shivering, everyone desperate for a towel, someone needs a wee, there aren’t any big enough changing rooms for us all to fit in, the list is endless!

However, for once, my eldest two didn’t fall out! They were so good and enjoyed themselves so much that I got that lovely warm fuzzy feeling when we came out. I’d braved it and we’d had a fab time. And the best bit, the kids were free so I only had to pay for myself! Definitely a #moneycantbuy moment!

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