Money Can’t Buy #5

Money Can’t Buy #5

It’s the fifth week of the Money Can’t Buy linky. Thank you to those of you who have taken part so far, it’s lovely to read your posts! Once again, I really believe it’s important to focus on the little things in life as these are often what make us happy.

Money Can’t Buy #5

This week has seen me return to work after a glorious three days off. My husband was still working for the most part but it was lovely to spend some stress-free time with the children. Working from home means I never really get the back-to-work blues in the same way as I used to, but life still gets a bit more stressy and a lot less fun that’s for sure!

My master plan for the holidays was that once I’d finished work at 12, we’d have the afternoons together to get out in the fresh air. Wonderful. Except we live in England, where it inevitably rains whenever anyone plans to do anything outside. On top of this, we’ve all been feeling a little run down, nothing major just a bit weary and a teensy bit grumpy!

Thankfully, we have Little Miss around. She always manages to put a smile on our faces and this week she’s had me in stitches with her persistent attempts to whistle. Whistling is a skill she’s been trying to master for some time now with limited success. Ever the determined little thing, she’s spent the last few weeks blowing air down my ear, on my cheek, in her bed and so on. Whenever she hasn’t been chattering away in her usual chatty way, she’s been trying to whistle.

Yesterday, she finally struck gold! She let out the quietest of whistles, but it was definitely a whistle! Her little face was a picture, she was so proud of herself! Over the last 24 hours she’s improved so much that she can now whistle a little of her favourite song of the moment – Niall Horan’s Slow Hands. Mega!

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