No Better Time to Start Matched Betting

No Better Time to Start Matched Betting

I’ve banged on and on about Matched Betting repeatedly since I started My Money Cottage. That’s because it really has changed our financial lives for the better. We would not be able to treat the kids and do the things we do without it.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can find out more about what Matched Betting actually is here – Matched Betting.

I joined Profit Accumulator almost two years ago. I’ll admit that I put it off initially and scraped through a couple of offers on my own. I’d googled Matched Betting lots and thought I knew what I was doing. I did make money this way but quickly realised that I needed more support in order to keep the profit coming in long-term.

I decided to sign up for a month’s membership and see how it went. There are no contracts so I knew that I could walk away if I didn’t make any money. I didn’t put a lot of time in as I was working and pregnant with my third child, but I walked away with just over £400 profit in my first month.

I was hooked.

It’s completely risk-free, the tax man can’t touch it, and what’s more I actually enjoyed what I was doing!

Now, almost two years on, I’m still making a fantastic profit every single month. Some months I hit £1,000, other months are less, but it’s a massive boost to our finances.

Profit Accumulator have grown considerably since then and now have thousands upon thousands of members, all making amazing amounts of cash every single day.

There is a big horse racing festival starting next Tuesday – Cheltenham Festival. This is THE MOST PROFITABLE event in the Matched Betting calendar. Last year I made over £800 in those 4 days alone! In recognition of this, Profit Accumulator are offering a 7 day £1 trial! This is an amazing offer!

For your £1 you’ll get access to all of the offers, the forum (which is amazing), plus their fantastic software which actually finds your bets for you!


I really cannot recommend this enough – you need to give it a go if you haven’t already!

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