Onepoll is a great survey site overall.

Unlike others, onepoll surveys are all short and sweet. They all use the same format so they’re really easy to complete too.

Generally each survey will pay between 10p and 50p. This may not seem a lot but most of the surveys take a maximum of two minutes to complete and those small amounts quickly mount up.

The surveys seem to be mostly available during the week throughout the day. Some days I’ll log in and see five surveys waiting and I tend to qualify for most of them.

Cashout is via bacs or paypal once you hit £40. It’s widely acknowledged that once you approach that magical number, your number of surveys will slow down whilst they check through your responses to ensure you’re being 100% honest in your answers. Currently my account sits at £39.90, I’m hopeful I’ll receive new surveys in the next couple of days.

I’d definitely recommend giving onepoll a go, add them to your daily routine, it’s very little effort for £££ in the longterm.