Paid to Click

I’ve been tidying up the website a little this morning. One section that’s had a tweak is the Paid to Click page. I’ve now put a couple details of a couple of Paid to Click sites up so it makes sense to have them in the same place. There are numerous sites out there so this section is likely to grow.

Paid to Click sites are generally sites I enjoy earning money from. The idea is that you click on an advert and you’re paid for doing so. When you click, another site opens on a new tab. This will be the site that’s advertising. You have to keep the site open until the counter finishes, this is usually only a maximum of 30 seconds and you’re paid for doing it.

The rate per click is usually pretty low but these tasks are so easy it’s something I happily sit and do in an evening when I’m too tired to do much else.

I mainly use the “View Ads” section on Clixsense which pays pretty well. However, Neobux generally have more of the Paid to Click offers, they’re just not as well paid in my experience.

One way to look at these is by considering how much you’ll make over the course of a year. Maybe stash that amount away throughout the year and use it towards Christmas. Every little helps after all!

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