Risk-free Casino Offers

Risk-free Casino Offers

Some of the money I’ve earned through the Matched Betting site I’ve joined has come from winnings from risk-free casino offers.

I’m a sucker for the online slots offers. I try to do the risk-free or low-risk offers only. I’ve won some decent amounts from these risk-free offers and cash bonuses.

Often, online casinos will offer you an amount of bonus money or free spins on one of their slots machines when you join. These bonuses will usually have high wagering attached to them, so you’re unlikely to profit in most cases. However, they’re risk-free and I really enjoy them.

My biggest win to date was just over £2,000! It was a happy day when that money hit the bank account!

I’ve often won smaller amounts though, and every penny is really gratefully received! Some of the sites offering risk-free signups will then email me with random offers every now and then too. It’s definitely worth giving them a go.


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