Save Money on Groceries


Approved Food offer a fantastic way to save money on your household groceries.

Approved Food sell big brand products at highly reduced prices.Whilst some products may be past their “Best Before” date, they are ALL within their “Use By” date. All the products are ex-supermarket or ex-department store and are either surplus stock or have short dates.

Using Approved Food will typically save most households around £60 per month on their grocery shop. That’s a WHOPPING £700 per year!

Approved Food have a really easy to use website where you can order a wide range of products, food, health and beauty and household products.

The product range is constantly changing as they receive a really varied set of products depending on what the supermarkets and department stores are getting rid of at the time.

I’d suggest maybe stocking up with Approved Food at the beginning of the month, meal planning and doing a fresh shop to top up your supplies.

In collaboration with Approved Foods.