Shopmium Mobile App

Shopmium is a great mobile app that can be downloaded for Android or iPhone.

Download the app to your phone and register with the code “AEGCGCAR” to receive a free Lindt chocolate reindeer! Note that you must register VIA THE APP using the code above to receive this offer.

The idea with Shopmium is really simple and the app is so easy to use. There are numerous items on offer via the app. You simply complete your food shopping as you normally would. You can then compare the items you’ve bought against the numerous items listed on the app. If you’ve bought one of the items, simply take a picture of your receipt, upload it to the app and you’ll receive a payment!

The app is really easy to navigate and the products and cashback amounts are clearly listed.

This is a great little app and I’m getting into the habit of saving my food shopping receipts to use to claim my cashback. It’s fab that you can cashout to paypal too which is quick and easy to do.

Happy shopping!