Skittles Rainbow Magic

Skittles Rainbow Magic

We first tried out the Skittles Rainbow Magic experiment just before Christmas. Eddie, our Elf on the Shelf, left the children a note and some skittles arranged on a plate, I wrote about it here¬†–¬†

This was such a fun experiment and was really popular on social media at the time, I thought I’d remind you lovely lot of it!

So what is the Skittles Rainbow Magic?

The idea is, you arrange skittles around the edge of a plate. The plate needs to have a raised rim all around the edge for this to work. I found that the rainbow worked best when I arranged the skittles in pairs, so two green, two orange and so on.

Our elf did this bit for us!

You then pour a small amount of WARM water into the middle of the plate. You need to do this slowly so that you don’t end up with a plate full of swimming skittles! You should pour the water so that it reaches about half way up the skittles.

Sit back, watch and wait!

The colours from the skittles will slowly start to work there way towards the middle of the plate, forming a beautiful rainbow effect.

This was such a cheap experiment, it’s great fun to do on a budget. My children range from almost 2 up to 10 years old and it worked really well for all 3 of them!

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