Slice the Pie


Slice the Pie is a great site for earning money for those of you who enjoy writing product reviews. You can review all manner of items from bedding to music! Every time you submit your review you’ll receive payment for your trouble!

You can redeem your cash via paypal once you hit $10. The amounts soon add up and from time to time Slice the Pie run offers where you can earn even more cash for your reviews.

Simply sign up, confirm your email and you’re ready to go. You can select from the options on the page in front of you and crack on writing your review! I like to click on “Lucky Dip” where I’m given a random product to review. Each item has pictures of the item from various angles, description and zoom options. You’re asked to write a summary about the product along with the minimum and maximum price you’d pay and that’s it!

Top tips with Slice the Pie!

  1. Be as descriptive as you can without waffling! Detail the main features of the product, use colours, sounds, size, whatever you feel is relevant.
  2. Be realistic with your pricing. Think about how much you would really expect the item to sell for.
  3. Check your spelling and grammar before you submit.

You can choose to review Homewear, Fashion, Music and now Mobile Phone Accessories at the moment, they seem to add new lines every so often so it can vary.