Snatch – Frustrations and Cash

Snatch – Frustrations and Cash

Over the last few months I’ve become increasingly addicted to the app Snatch. You can find out more about the app here:


I’ve had about £20 in cash so far. I’ve also received various Now TV passes, some of which have been given away in our recent competitions.

I love the app and the suspense of waiting to see what’s in my parcels, but I am finding various frustrations with it along the way too.

Other Players

Yes, I know the idea is to snatch parcels from one another. However, some players take this to the absolute extreme! I have one player in particular local to me who just doesn’t relent. I’ve collected and snatched way more parcels than him, yet he insists on trying to snatch all day long. I’ll keep defending my friend, you keep trying!! The frustrating part for me is that he never seems to have any parcels of his own, except for the daily bonus that we get automatically when logging in each day. He must just keep refreshing his page until he sees me and then SNATCH off he goes. If I leave the area, he attempts to snatch the minute I return, it’s so frustrating!

The Glitches

These are varied and fairly frequent. I’ll often struggle to defend a parcel and find myself jabbing at the smoke screen repeatedly and cursing the damn thing for just not working! Then there are the times when I just don’t get a notification at all and my parcels disappear, this is a rarity though thankfully.

Super Weapons

I love these, but for some reason they keep disabling them. They’ve been disabled all weekend and I’m itching to deploy a black hole over the M6, COME ON Snatch, sort it out!


Overall though, I still love the game and I find myself logging in every morning without fail. The team have always been super helpful whenever I’ve asked them anything and I can’t complain too much about any of the above!


Have you got the bug yet??? Snatch

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