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Snatch so far!

Those of you who’ve visited the site recently will have seen I’ve become a teensy bit addicted with an app called Snatch.

If you haven’t read my write-up, I highly recommend you do so!


My winnings so far

It’s all a bit of fun really, but people are making money from the gold boxes every single day!

Tonight, Snatch revealed that they have unleashed a number of gold boxes containing £1,000 each! How I’d love to find one of those!

So far, I’ve won £11 cash, 4 months Now TV passes and a highly coveted Snatch T-shirt!

I’m super addicted and get really annoyed when my parcels get snatched!

At the moment I’ve got over 5,000 coins so I’m in a great position to defend my boxes.


The problem occurs when some kind soul steals them at 1.30am, grrrr. Fortunately none of those stolen were gold, I think I would have had to stay awake all night to protect them if they were!

I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with Snatch!

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