Snatch is a fantastically addictive app that was launched late 2016.

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“Snatch is a unique mobile gaming experience that uses the latest augmented reality (AR) and geo-location technologies to bridge the world of gaming with the real world, creating a virtual treasure hunt with real prizes (and cash) from some of the world’s coolest brands. This is the future of gaming, and this is your chance to join in.”


Snatch is similar to Pokemon Go in that you can see items on a map and the idea is that you find them and collect them. With Snatch, the items are parcels rather than Pokemon.

So what’s in a parcel?

Each parcel contains a hidden prize.

The prizes can be a wide range of things:

  • Flights – someone recently won 2 return flights to the USA.
  • Cash – I’ve won £5 cash so far. Golden parcels are guaranteed to contain cash. Somebody won £250 this weekend!
  • Coins – you need coins to defend yourself.
  • Diamonds – save these up for big defense options.
  • Now TV – I’ve won 2 months free Now TV entertainment package.
  • Amazon vouchers.
How does it work?

Once you’ve registered (do so here if you haven’t already), you’ll see a map of your local area.


Click on any parcels you can see nearby. The one in the picture was a little too far away so I had to walk round the corner to get it. Once you’ve caught a parcel, you need to get it inside a box that pops up on your screen. This can be a little fiddly but I find that if I aim my phone slightly down and to the left then the parcel centralises. Click and the parcel should burst open.

Claiming your prizes

The aim of the game is to keep hold of your parcels for 6 hours without allowing anybody to “snatch” them from you. After 6 hours you can open your parcel and reveal your winnings.

I’ve won lots of coins so far but had two decent wins of £5 cash and two months Now TV pass.

snatch winnings

Any cash you win can be redeemed via the Circle app which is similar to Paypal. The circle app is also another great way to make a little bit of cash on it’s own, so if you haven’t already then take a look here for more details on how to make anything from £5.50 to £50.50!


Other people around you will be competing to keep hold of boxes. Whenever there’s anyone with a parcel nearby, the little symbol at the bottom left of the screen (the one with three heads on) will flash green. Once you click on that, you can select another player to snatch from. If they don’t defend themselves within a couple of minutes then the box is yours to keep. You’ll have to keep hold of it for the remainder of the six hours (the countdown begins when the parcel is first found) to see what you’ve won!

Defending your parcels

You’ll want to allow notifications so that you get a warning when somebody is trying to snatch one of your parcels. You can then use various defenses to protect yourself. My favourite is the tent. This protects you for one hour against attacks. Be careful with this one though, it only works within 50 metres of where you activate it. Don’t do what I did and activate it whilst dropping your son off at scouts a mile down the road! Also, you can only use this one once. The smoke bomb is a good one for 15 minutes too.

If you decide to give Snatch a go & you’re feeling generous, I’d be EVER SO GRATEFUL if you’d use my referral  code and get us both some lovely coins – 5PCA£S.

I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with Snatch! Please let me know in the comments below x

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