Spare 5 App

spare 5 app

TheĀ Spare 5 app is a great little money-making app.

The aim of the Spare 5 App is that instead of twiddling your thumbs when you have a spare 5 minutes, you download the app and use that spare 5 minutes to make some cash! You can download the app here.

Once you download the app, you’ll need to register with your email address, paypal details, and complete a short survey. You’ll then be set and ready to start earning money. Payouts are in dollars and cents and are sent via paypal every Friday. Minimum payout is $1.

There are various skill set areas and the amount of tasks you receive will depend on how well you do in qualification tasks.

Once you’ve successfully completed the qualification tasks, you’ll be eligible to receive paying tasks. Skills required include annotation, categorisation, phone surveys, rating articles and images, research and writing. I find that the majority of my tasks involve categorising images and giving them relevant keywords and tags. I also receive tasks where I have to say whether given key words match well with the image.

I really like the Spare 5 app and it does pay well for minimal effort. You may find that initially you don’t receive many tasks. It’s worth checking the app daily though as they will start to trickle through.