Prolific Academic

Surveys can be great long-term money earner, particularly when you are registered with multiple sites. This means you’ll regularly be completing a wide range of surveys covering all sorts of topics and reaping in the rewards.

Prolific Academic are a large crowdsourcing community, they allow researchers and start-up businesses to gather information from a large audience. The researchers can set their specific demographic (age, employment etc) and surveys will only be available to people they’re specifically targeting.

Surveys, once completed, are checked for authenticity before the payment is credited to your account. The fees are pretty good, I completed one this morning that took less than 10 minutes for £1.25, that equates to £7.50 an hour! Pretty impressive for a survey company! Once you hit £5 you can cashout to paypal for a small fee. You can avoid the fee however if you wait until you hit £20. Payment usually hits paypal within 48 hours.

Sometimes you’ll receive an email letting you know you qualify for a new survey on Prolific Academic, however more often than not you’ll need to log in daily to check.