Swagbucks is one of my favourite ways to earn cash online. Through the Swagbucks site, you earn swagbucks (SB) which can be redeemed for paypal cash or vouchers. I’ve had both, initially I would choose Amazon vouchers but more recently I’ve chosen to have the hard cash instead.

I’ve mostly used the easy options, watching videos which you can run in the background, answering surveys, even playing games! More recently, I’ve discovered the Swagbutton. Swagbutton is a Google Chrome extension which, when installed lets me know when there are quick, easy ways to earn Swagbucks.

Recently, I wanted to buy a personalised photo gift for my mother-in-law. I went to a well-known specialist gifts website and found what I wanted. The swagbutton then popped up telling me I could earn 5% cashback on my purchase. All I had to do was click it and it’s tracked the purchase, I’ll get the credit in a month’s time. Job done!

The swagbutton also pops up when there are swagcodes available and shows you where to find them. Usually they’re on a facebook page. It’s a case of quickly copying and pasting the code over and your swagbucks are instantly credited.

There is also a search engine function, using that randomly credits you with Swagbucks from time to time, I’ve earned 4SB using that this morning.

I also love the swago board which is becoming a regular feature. The board is a grid with various tasks that you click to complete. Once you’ve completed a task, that square changes colour. If you complete a line you get 5SB, a column gets you 5SB, X shape gets you 25SB etc. Tonight I completed the full board for 300SB! They’re credited instantly and that meant I could redeem yet again, so more cash on it’s way now to my paypal account. You can only submit your swago board once so make sure you only press submit when you’re sure you’ve done all the tasks you can.

I’ve also recently started using the SBTV app. You can earn up to 10SB every day just from letting the videos run on your mobile.

My Money Cottage - SBTV

I tend to let the app run whilst my phone is plugged in on charge, I’m not using my phone at the time anyway and it’s a great passive little earner.

So, if nothing else, I’d recommend signing up, filling in your profile (for SB of course) and installing the Swagbutton. You’ll be amazed how quickly those points mount up.