Christmas Savings with ASDA

I’ve written before about saving for Christmas. It’s important to plan ahead if you can, Christmas can be a huge expense and if we’re not careful it can catch us by the short and curlies, meaning we turn to credit cards and loans to cover the cost. There are many ways you can plan ahead for Christmas. You need to… More →

The 1p Challenge Christmas 2017

1p challenge Christmas 2017

So, Christmas is done and dusted for another year. It’s a huge drain on most family’s finances! This is why I now¬†Save for Christmas¬†throughout the year, starting from the very first week in January. This may seem extreme, but it means that we can enjoy Christmas and buy gifts, food and drink without scrabbling around and panicking trying to figure… More →

Save for Christmas 2017

Christmas is undoubtedly a magical time of year for the vast majority of us. It can be stressful though and put a huge strain on finances. After a couple of disastrous Christmases I now save money weekly throughout the year. I’ll be doing the same from January and will be tracking my progress here as I save for Christmas 2017.… More →