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A Savings Goal

I’ve always got a number of savings goals constantly on the go. Alongside the big ones, there are always smaller ones running alongside. After a rough few months, we’re starting to thing about a new savings goal – a holiday somewhere hot and sunny! Big Goals Our biggest savings goal is to save enough money… Read More A Savings Goal

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Going back to basics…

Sometimes, no matter how dedicated we are to making extra cash, life gets in the way. Recently I’ll admit that I’ve slacked off in a lot of areas. I’ve been working extra hours, the kids have been having friends over, I’ve been spending time with friends and family, and generally the money-making has come to… Read More Going back to basics…

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Making Money with Risk-Free Matched Betting

Here on My Money Cottage, we often talk about Matched Betting. We make no apologies for that though as it really is  THE MOST PROFITABLE WAY to make money online that exists in the UK at the moment. It’s so good, we’ve dedicated a whole section of the website to it –

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January So Far

January for me is a traditionally miserable month. I think I can blame my Mum for that! She hates the month of January with a passion and she seems to hate it more and more each year. Let’s be honest, there are numerous reasons why January is a tough month to get through! I’ve put… Read More January So Far