Matched Betting – Making Money after the Gubbings

Those of us who Matched Bet to make extra cash will be well aware of the fear of being “gubbed”. But for those just starting out I’ll give a brief explanation! Being “gubbed” means having your bookie accounts restricted. You may find that you can only place low stakes bets or that your account is completely restricted from receiving any… More →

Matched Betting – Coping when the Football Season Ends

Most of the money I make online comes from Matched Betting, it’s fair to say that football bets play a huge part in my income. The bulk of my ongoing income from Matched Betting comes from accumulator refunds which rely heavily on popular football markets. All is not lost during the summer though, there are still plenty of ways to make cash Matched… More →

No Better Time to Start Matched Betting

Matched Betting

I’ve banged on and on about Matched Betting repeatedly since I started My Money Cottage. That’s because it really has changed our financial lives for the better. We would not be able to treat the kids and do the things we do without it. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can find out more about what Matched Betting actually… More →

The Week in Review

It’s been a funny old week for us. We’ve all been feeling pretty rough with a nasty cold doing the rounds. I thought I’d got over mine yesterday, yet this morning it’s worse than ever. Littlest man has been croaking his way through the week and this morning is grumpy and his nose is streaming. He’s just gone back to… More →

My Favourite Ways to Make Money

My Money Cottage

I set up My Money Cottage as a way to share effective ways to make money from home. Without these methods we wouldn’t have got through redundancies, illness and maternity leave. The ways I share with you on this website are all tried and tested by me and I rely on many of these websites to keep our heads above… More →

Making Money with Risk-Free Matched Betting

Matched Betting

Here on My Money Cottage, we often talk about Matched Betting. We make no apologies for that though as it really is  THE MOST PROFITABLE WAY to make money online that exists in the UK at the moment. It’s so good, we’ve dedicated a whole section of the website to it –

Latest risk-free casino win £275!

risk-free casino win

My biggest earner by far is Matched Betting and I mention it a lot on social media. I use a fantastic site called Profit Accumulator. They show me all the daily offers and talk me through how to approach them. Recently, I’ve become keener on the risk-free and low-risk Casino offers. I wrote in November about how I made £130 in ten minutes.… More →