Christmas Savings with ASDA

I’ve written before about saving for Christmas. It’s important to plan ahead if you can, Christmas can be a huge expense and if we’re not careful it can catch us by the short and curlies, meaning we turn to credit cards and loans to cover the cost. There are many ways you can plan ahead for Christmas. You need to… More →

Make Money from Unwanted Giftcards

Gift cards can be a great present, particularly when someone doesn’t know what to buy! However, sometimes we receive gift cards for shops we just don’t buy from, or we may think we would actually have preferred to have been given the cash value instead so we can choose how we spend our gift. There is a fab website called¬†Zeek¬†where… More →

The importance of an emergency fund.

Debt Management Plan

These days it is incredibly easy to get sucked into taking out credit to pay for big items or to fix things when they break down. This can be an expensive habit though in the long run. Having been down this route before and paid the price, I felt it was important to highlight the importance of having an emergency… More →

What Motivates You?

What Motivates You?

I’m taking it as a given that you would like to earn more money or save money, that’s pretty much why My Money Cottage was set up, to help others achieve their money-making goals. Once you’ve got started with the various different ways of making extra cash though, it can be easy to lose your money-making mojo. I think it’s… More →