The first of the month…

So, January is finally behind us. It’s commonly felt to be the hardest month of the year. Finances are stretched after Christmas and the last pay cheque had to be stretched over six weeks instead of the usual four. I’m welcoming February with open arms.

So, it’s now time to plan for February.

First of all, if you haven’t already, you need to sit down and work out your budget for the next few weeks. The ONLY way to get control of your finances is to budget. Have a read of this for a little more info and some tips on how to make a realistic budget. You can also download a FREE BUDGET PLANNER for the month –

Make sure that you think about the longer term if you can as well as budgeting for food etc. Have you got an emergency fund? If not, consider putting some money away every week towards a contingency plan. What would you do if a big appliance packed up or the car broke down? Having an emergency fund for such things will mean you don’t need to rely on credit to cover these costs. Also, it may only be February, but you should also be considering saving for Christmas 2017. You can join in with our challenge here if you haven’t already – This is a fun and fairly straightforward way of making sure Christmas is covered, it takes the stress off when it’s time to find the money for all those presents!

Once you’ve got your budget and savings covered, think about how you can make extra cash in February. It’s no secret that I’ll be cracking on with some Matched Betting, it’s my favourite way to boost my income. I really enjoy it, love the forum community and it makes me a great amount of extra cash.

As well as Matched Betting, have a read of the Make Money section and see what takes your fancy, there’s a lot to choose from!

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