The Week in Review

It’s been a funny old week for us. We’ve all been feeling pretty rough with a nasty cold doing the rounds. I thought I’d got over mine yesterday, yet this morning it’s worse than ever. Littlest man has been croaking his way through the week and this morning is grumpy and his nose is streaming. He’s just gone back to bed for a nap, hopefully he’ll wake up in a better mood! My eldest man has gone to school complaining of ear ache and a runny nose, a bit of calpol though and he seemed ok to go. Little miss (who started the whole cold off) is fighting fit again though.

I’ve had a busy week with work and getting little man out and about, but I’ve still managed a profitable week.

How I’ve profited this week

Matched Betting – as always, this has brought me in the bulk of my income for the week. I’ve make £296 this week alone and with being so busy I’ve actually hardly put any effort in, so this figure could have been higher.

Swagbucks – I’ve redeemed yet again from Swagbucks. Completing the latest SWAGO board was really easy and earned me 200SB which pushed me over the payment threshold. The payment was really quick to hit my paypal account again and was paid out within 24 hours.

Spare 5 App – I earned $5.69 via the app this week which is due to be paid out to me today. This could have been much more as there were lots of tasks available one evening, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to complete them! I’ve already completed some more tasks this morning so I’m building my earnings up again.

So, all in all I’ve made over £300, on top of my earnings, all from home.

Next Week

I expect next week will follow a similar pattern. I will also be hoping to redeem from Slice the Pie next week and Clixsense if all goes well.

The week after is half term here so I need to have a good week to pay for all the children’s activities!

Happy earning!

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