WhatUsersDo is a wonderful site I’ve only recently discovered! I’m hoping this will be a really profitable resource for me.

WhatUsersDo test online websites for paying clients who want to see how users interact with their site.

In order to apply to be a reviewer, you will need a Windows or Mac laptop or computer ideally running on the latest version of the operating system, broadband, and a microphone (most laptops have these built in). Bear in mind that you will need to be comfortable speaking into your computer’s microphone.

Upon registering, you will need to take part in a kind of audition. This is absolutely nothing to be scared of and I actually really enjoyed mine. You are asked to download a screen recording software so that the way you interact with the website can be recorded. Note that this only records what’s happening on your screen, it does not record you! During this initial test, you’ll be directed to a website and asked to perform certain actions, searches etc. You must speak your thoughts as you go. I simply commented on aspects of the site I liked, things I found tricky to locate etc.

Within a week or so you should hear whether your application to be a tester was successful. Once you’ve been approved you’ll receive an email whenever a new job becomes available. I received my first job within half an hour of being approved. If you do accept a job, make sure you can start it within the next 30 minutes, otherwise you will be automatically screened out from that particular task.

Payments vary, however the website review I’ve completed this morning took around 20 minutes and I’ll receive £5 for it. I simply had to follow instructions and find certain aspects within the given site. I had to find out how much tickets would cost and speak my findings as I went. It was super easy.

Payments are made via paypal on the 25th of every month for the previous month, so for example a job completed in January would be paid on 25th February.

I’m unsure yet how many tasks will be available, there’s no real answer to this on the site as it inevitably depends on how many jobs WhatUsersDo receive.