Snatch – Frustrations and Cash

Over the last few months I’ve become increasingly addicted to the app Snatch. You can find out more about the app here:


I’ve had about £20 in cash so far. I’ve also received various Now TV passes, some of which have been given away in our recent competitions.

I love the app and the suspense of waiting to see what’s in my parcels, but I am finding various frustrations with it along the way too.

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The perks of earning from home.

They may seem obvious, but I wanted to remind us all of some of the benefits of earning cash online and working from home.

Being there for the kids.

This is a big one for me. I work from home which means I’m always there when my children are off school. I’m home when they’re poorly and need to stay home, it’s me that picks them up from school.

I’m not for one minute berating anyone who goes out to work, and I completely get that for some people going out to work benefits the whole family. It means you’re out of the house, mixing with other adults, and can be a really healthy thing.

For me though, I like the fact that I’m here. It works for us and is definitely a perk in my eyes.

No child-care costs.

There are times when I think that we could really use childcare. Busy work days can be hard with three children! 99% of the time though it all slots into place. I’m fortunate to have my parents helping out with my youngest and I usually wait for my husband to get home before I start work again in the evenings.

Childcare can be extortionate and it can make you question whether going out to work is really worth it! Working from home can be a massive help.

No commute.

I used to work 9 miles away from home, not far I know but the M60 in rush hour was not fun! It would regularly take me an hour to get to work and another hour to get home. The days were long and then there was all the faffing around to do once I got in, sorting washing, preparing meals etc etc. That extra time I gain working from home really comes in useful sometimes!

Working from home isn’t for everyone but it works for us.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Going back to basics…

Sometimes, no matter how dedicated we are to making extra cash, life gets in the way.

Recently I’ll admit that I’ve slacked off in a lot of areas. I’ve been working extra hours, the kids have been having friends over, I’ve been spending time with friends and family, and generally the money-making has come to a bit of a halt.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to hit these spells from time to time. I figured it might be useful to have a handy guide on how to claw it back when life gets in the way!

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No Better Time to Start Matched Betting

Matched Betting

I’ve banged on and on about Matched Betting repeatedly since I started My Money Cottage. That’s because it really has changed our financial lives for the better. We would not be able to treat the kids and do the things we do without it.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can find out more about what Matched Betting actually is here – Matched Betting.

I joined Profit Accumulator almost two years ago. I’ll admit that I put it off initially and scraped through a couple of offers on my own. I’d googled Matched Betting lots and thought I knew what I was doing. I did make money this way but quickly realised that I needed more support in order to keep the profit coming in long-term.

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Budgeting for Christmas

We’re now into the third month of the year, almost a quarter of the way through. How fast the time flies!

Amongst all the other things you need to think about, you should also be thinking about planning ahead, specifically about your budget for Christmas.

There are many ways you can save and plan.

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Entering competitions is a serious business for lots of compers, and it’s something I’ve been meaning to get into for a while. So, I guess it’s time to make a start!

What is comping?

Compers enter competitions regularly and obviously hope to win! With the wonder of the world-wide-web, you can enter hundreds of competitions daily. Some compers treat this as a bit of a hobby, whilst others make it their number one priority.

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Sealed Pot Challenge

There are so many ways to save money it can be a little overwhelming!

For many people, saving money is a huge struggle. Bills and family expenses mean that the budget is already stretched, leaving little room for stashing any cash away.

I found that taking part in a money saving challenge really helped me.

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