PayPal Fees Calculator – know how much you’ll pay

How to calculate PayPal fees

Whenever you make a sale through PayPal that’s NOT to family or friends, PayPal will charge you a fee. Whether you’re a business or just selling some bits you’ve decluttered, it’s important to have an idea of how much you will be charged so that you know how much money you’re actually going to receive.We’ve built a clever PayPal fees calculator that will show you exactly how much you will pay in PayPal fees for pretty much every country in the world!

PayPal fees calculator 2022

Use the calculator below to quickly and easily work out how much PayPal will charge in fees.

Enter the PayPal fee rates for your country:

UK Europe France Germany Australia New Zealand Czech Republic Hungary Poland
Denmark Norway Sweden Switzerland Singapore Hong Kong Japan Canada US

PayPal UK rates

Reverse PayPal Fee Calculator


PayPal Fee Calculator


When you’re a blogger or a small business owner, then you may sometimes need to calculate PayPal fees before issuing invoices to clients. In these instances, you will want to use a PayPal fees calculator in order to work out exactly how much to invoice.

This clever PayPal Fees Calculator 2022 allows you to work out how much you need to invoice.

The PayPal Fees Calculator is set up to calculate PayPal fees for the UK by default, but you can select other currencies by selecting from the flags above.

Note that PayPal fees do change from time to time, so if you notice an error in any of the calculations, please send us a quick message and we will get it rectified.

This calculator has been made independently and is not endorsed or connected in any way to PayPal.

PayPal Fees Calculator


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  1. I love this calculator, I always get annoyed when I charge my clients an amount and I get less after fees. This will be useful

    1. Oh fab, I really hope it’ll be a useful tool!

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    1. Oh fab, I hope you find it useful!

  3. Such a great idea! Wish I had known about this earlier. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Great tool! I always lose out on th PayPal fees so I need to be using this and charging them up front.

    1. I hope it comes in handy x

  5. This is so useful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is great. Thanks so much for sharing it

  7. This is such a handy post to bookmark, thanks for sharing

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  8. Very useful, i always forget about the PayPal fees

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