Get free samples with Send Me a Sample

As a money-saving blogger, I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money and I love a freebie! I’ve been using Send Me a Sample through Amazon Alexa and I’ve managed to bag some great freebies! There are all kinds of samples available and some are really decent sizes too. So, if you love a freebie (and let’s face it, who doesn’t), then you’ll love this.

How to get free samples from Send Me a Sample

Send me a sample

Send Me a Sample is a free to use service available on either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Whenever you see the Send Me a Sample logo on an advert, you can open up the skill/app and request a free sample. It’s that simple!

Send Me a Sample using Amazon Alexa

Send Me a Sample is really easy to set up and use with Amazon Alexa.

  • Find the Send Me a Sample skill on your Amazon Alexa app.
  • Click “enable”.
  • Register a new account with Send Me a Sample.
  • Confirm your email by clicking on the link in the registration email.
  • Say “Alexa, send me a sample”.
  • Alexa will ask which sample you would like and then send it out to you.

Send Me a Sample using Google Assistant

If you have a Google device, then it’s just as easy to set up and use.

  • Using Google Assistant, say “Hey Google, ask Send Me a Sample for Nars (or whatever product you’d like to receive)”.
  • Register a new account with Send Me a Sample.
  • Confirm your email.
  • Go back to Google Assistant and say “Hey Google, ask send me a sample for NARS”.

You will then get confirmation that a sample is on it’s way to you.

How do I find out which samples are available?

The samples available chop and change from time to time. At the time of writing, Send Me a Sample had Nars mascaras available, but I expect these to run out quickly. There are also samples available of SB Reserve CBD oil if you request using Google Assistant. These are available until the end of 2020.

Send me a sample SB Reserve CBD oil

It can be difficult to know which samples are available at a particular time, but you can keep an eye out for the Send Me a Sample logo on adverts. If you see their logo, then you can request a sample. They do sometimes send out emails with available freebies too, or you can keep an eye on their current products shared on their website. Note that they only seem to share their longer term freebies on their site.

What kinds of samples do they have?

Send Me a Sample offer all kinds of samples, so you could get pretty much anything. Here are a few of their past offerings:

  • Baileys
  • Whisky Ginger by Johnnie Walker
  • Lidl Lupilu newborn nappies
  • Coca Cola
  • Dunkin’ Shot in the Dark coffee
  • John Frieda products
  • Toothpaste
  • Issey Miyake perfume
  • Sleep Spray
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier perfume
  • La Espanola Olive Oil
  • BBC Good Food Magazine
  • BBC TopGear Magazine
  • NARS lipsticks
  • Nars Mascaras
  • Carte Noire coffee
  • SB Reserve CBD – available until the end of 2020!

Isn’t it wasteful to order lots of samples?

We’re all more aware of plastic waste than ever before, and rightly so! Personally, I only use Send Me a Sample for things that I will actually use and I generally avoid the mini packs that will only do for one use. Recently, I managed to order a sample of Nars mascara that will last me for a good few months, so that’s the kind of free sample I look for.

Send Me a Sample do state that they are demand-led, so only people who want and ask for products will receive them.

How long do samples take to arrive?

Samples usually arrive within two weeks, but they can take a little longer depending on demand.

Where can I find other great deals with Amazon?

I love finding great deals and I do all I can to save money. You can use my Amazon Discount Finder to find hidden deals and discounts currently available to buy on Amazon.

Send Me a Sample - How you can get free samples!