Top UK Money Blogs you NEED to read!

I’ve been writing on My Money Cottage since late 2016, but I’ve been reading and following UK money bloggers for a lot longer than that. Over the last few months, I’ve been lucky enough to spend a fair bit of time with some of these bloggers in the virtual world, and let me tell you – they’re a clever bunch!

A lot of the money-making and money-saving tips I’ve picked up over the years have stemmed from a UK money blogger. These guys really are FULL of really valuable information, and it’s true to say that I wouldn’t be where I am today with all the plans I have for the future without them.

So, I’ve put together a HUUUUUGE list of the best of the UK money bloggers. Whilst all these blogs have some kind of link to money and finances, they all focus on slightly different aspects. So, whether you’re looking to live a more frugal life, or you’re thinking of investing some cash, there’s a blog here for you!

I’ve listed these in no particular order, so grab a coffee, put your feet up, and indulge!

UK money blogs you NEED in your life.

Top UK Money Blogs you NEED in your life!

Family Budgeting

Money making and money saving ideas for a creative and happy family life.

The Female Money Doctor

Dr. Nikki Ramskill is the Female Money Doctor. She writes on personal finance issues based on her own money mistakes, and on the experiences of patients she encounters as a real-life doctor working for the NHS.

Savings 4 Savvy Mums

Savings 4 Savvy Mums is a blog for mums who want to save their family money day-to-day.


Jo and Leisa are the twin sisters and authors behind Joleisa, a fabulous frugal lifestyle blog.

Looking After Your Pennies

Charlotte is an eco-friendly personal finance blogger. Her aim is to help you save your pennies whilst saving the planet. Her site will give you hints and tips on frugal living, money making and how to live an environmentally conscious life.

Emma’s Savvy Savings

Emma likes to share the tips and tricks she uses to live well on less. She left a professional job to work online but wasn’t prepared to sacrifice the lifestyle the family was used to. Her money saving blog is testament to how we can all live for less.

The Money Panel

Catherine’s blog is aimed towards educating people to make better financial decisions for those who cannot afford financial advice.

Ruth Makes Money

Ruth’s blog is about how she makes a full-time income online without a traditional job, including freelance writing, eBay reselling, & creating online courses.

I Beat Debt

Whether you are in debt, have got yourself out of debt, or debt has never been an issue but you just want to be more savvy with your money, ibeatdebt is the blog to visit!

Lady Janey

Lady Janey is a customer service blog which encourages people to expect the best possible service for their money.

Penny Wise, Life Rich

Cat’s blog is all about being wise with your pennies but still living a rich life.

Katy Kicker

Katy loves to help people kick their finances into touch. Katy blogs about parenting, money saving and much more.

Bee Money Savvy


Emma’s blog is all about giving millennials little tips & tricks to make their money go further.

The Money Fox

This blog shares how to earn extra money on the side, budgeting and saving and tips on paying off debt.

Latest Free Stuff

Deepak says – We spend all day searching for top brands that are giving away free stuff and free samples so you don’t have to!

Much More with Less

Faith blogs about moving to the country, living on less and making the most of it, after she moved from London to Suffolk. Food, family, finance and flowers – all with a frugal spin!

Earning by the sea

Kaya blogs about making & saving money at home.

Your Money Sorted

Eileen says – I am Eileen Adamson, Your Money, Sorted coach, working online with UK based women, helping you to develop a better relationship with money. I can help you to understand your money mindset and implement changes which will allow you to feel calm, positive and confident as you become happier, healthier and wealthier.

7 Circles

Mike says – 7 Circles is a personal finance website aimed at private investors in the UK. We want to provide a one-stop shop for all the information that a person might need to look after their own finances in the UK. The point of the blog is to save the readers’ time and effort.

Debt Camel

Sara blogs about everything to do with personal debt and credit ratings in Britain, from how to get a payday loan refund to what to look out for when getting a mortgage.

Be Clever With Your Cash

Andy’s award-winning blog ‘Be Clever With Your Cash’ is full of tips, tricks and deals to help you get the most from your money.

Shoestring Cottage

Jane says  – Would you like to take control of your finances, pay off your debts and save for the future? At Shoestring Cottage I aim to show you that you can live a good and happy life on less than you think, you can get off the consumer treadmill and you can live more simply and healthily and not feel deprived.

Money Nest

Sam says – I teach 20-30 year olds to make better financial decisions.

Morgan M Woods

Morgan’s blog is all about making money and saving money at home working around her family.

The Mini Millionaire

The Mini Millionaire is run by Cora Harrison, a true personal finance nerd helping people save more, earn more and stop worrying about money.

Skinted Minted Mum

Charlotte and Jane blog on family saving tips and money matters – whatever your budget!

The Frugal Cottage

The Frugal Cottage is run by Nicola and focuses on budgeting, saving money and early retirement!

The Money Whisperer

Emma thinks money matters should be talked about rather than whispered behind closed doors. Her blog aims to empower people to make good financial decisions by talking about money matters with less jargon.

Pounds and Sense

Pounds and Sense is a personal finance blog aimed primarily at over-fifties. It covers making money, saving money and investing from an older person’s perspective.

Savvy Dad

A finalist in 2017 for New UK Money Blog, Savvy Dad promotes it’s mantra “Make Money, Save Money, Survive Parenthood.” Articles range from value reviews to tips and tricks to make the best financial use of the little spare time parents have.

Lylia Rose

Lylia Rose is a UK lifestyle blog by a mama of two on a mission to get healthier and wealthier. Most posts are family orientated with a money section focusing on parents being able to make money from home.

Skint Dad

Skint Dad helps people save money by showing that every penny counts. Having previously been in a mountain of debt, Ricky and Naomi know too well the burden of living on very little but managed to become debt free by learning from past mistakes and following their own money saving tips and tricks. From finding ways to cut costs, make a few extra pounds on the side or finding an amazing deal, they live to save cash.

Emma Drew is all about ways to make money, save money and live the life you want. Every money making method is tested, from delivering BT phone books to mystery shopping.


Mrs Mummy Penny

Lynn’s blog is Mrs Mummypenny.  Lynn writes about healthy wealth, body and mind. From money saving to pensions, mental health to fitness. Healthy food to saving energy!!

The Humble Penny

The Humble Penny is on a mission to help people create financial joy in their lives. It’s there to provide the insights (online and offline) and tools (courses etc) to enable people become masters of their money and work towards their financial independence. We write about investing, debt, savings, making money, life hacks, family & relationships and blogging. It is aimed at people in their 20s to 40s but also segmented slightly differently to shine some light on certain groups namely – millenials, migrants and minorities.

Time and Pence

Michelle says – I’m Michelle, a U.K. work at home Mom who writes about balancing money, time and family life. On my blog you’ll find money saving ideas, money making ideas and useful info about family life and health.

Great Deals Made Easy

A site helping people save the easy way online. Will explores tips on travel, broadband and cashback saving.

The Complaining Cow

The Complaining Cow provides masses of tips, advice, stories, consumer rights, laws and regulations to ensure you always get refunds redress and results!

The Diary of a Frugal Family

The Diary of a Frugal Family is a blog about one family’s journey to living a more frugal lifestyle, having as much fun as possible along the way.

At Home and Online

Melissa writes all about making money from home after quitting her job last year.

Well and Wealthy

Sammy says – I blog over at Well and Wealthy, where I’m documenting my journey from quitting the 9 to 5, to making a living from blogging and eventually reach early retirement. I write about financial independence, saving, budgeting, personal finance and many other topics!

Foxy Monkey

Helping people with personal finance, investing, savings and some extra income streams to financial independence!

Inspiring Life Design

Corinna writes about her money making side hustles as part of her mission to achieve financial independence. With help for others looking to get started building sustainable (passive) income streams, she covers money making topics such as blogging and online book publishing.


And so, that completes my list of the best of the UK money blogs. I hope you find them really useful! Please do let me know if there are any I’ve missed and I’ll be happy to add them!

Top UK Money Blogs you NEED to read!

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